Don’t drink the water in Galway

tap waterAh, Ireland west – where the sun shines, the sea sparkles and the cryptosporidium makes folks who don’t boil their tap water very, very sick.

It’s been all over the news, but for those of you planning a trip to County Galway, remember what our good friend Dave Matthews tells us – Don’t Drink the water.

It really conjures up images of a third-world country with brown outs and outdoor toilets, doesn’t it? Athlone recently had a similar problem, but it lasted just a few weeks. Apparently, this situation in Galway is going to remain for 6 months until Galway County Council can upgrade their processing plant, so if you’re heading to County Galway, best load up on the aul bottles of Ballygowan, kids.

> Contamination timeline and numbers of sick folks
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