Unexpected Session

wifey sings at The Green Olive unexpected session in AthloneIt was a Thursday night. Wifey was finally feeling more like her normal self after the last couple weeks of illness. Pants had flown in from the UK to help out with the munchkin over the weekend and we were looking forward to our gig that night at a local hotel.

Unfortunately, when we arrived and had begun to set up the hotel floor manager came over to us and informed us that their anticipated crowd from a conference happening in the hotel was significantly diminished by a 7am seminar, would we mind if he cancelled the show?

As we were loading all the gear back in the car, the bean and angel pulled up, meaning to offer us some friendly faces in the audience. When we explained what happened there were blank looks all around. Then wifey looked around at all of us and suggested that, as a sitter was happily home with the munchkin, what was there to do but for all of us to grab our instruments and find a quiet place to hold an impromptu session.

An attempt was made at a couple of pubs, but the crowd was either too boisterous or the pub unlikely to allow us to sit around with our instruments in their pub.

In short order, we ended up in the Green Olive and one of the more satisfying sessions I’ve been to as of late ensued. Glad for pants’ presence, I gleefully pulled out a couple of moldy oldies. The bean and angel were up to their usual fantastic-ness and the three girls’ harmonising was just lovely to hear.

Here are the three girls (angel, wifey and pants) trading verses on ain’t no sunshine and here is wifey’s treatment of Something, which she sang beautifully near the end of the evening.

Erin go bragh, folks.