The Shack Session

musicians gathered around the table at the shack session in athlone

When I was 15 and working at Burger King I noticed inexplicable patterns in the mass movement of humans. It wasn’t just lunch break or movies getting out; some days everyone would suddenly not want pickles on anything or a whole load of folks who had nothing to do with each other would simultaneously decide to drop in for a bite to eat at exactly 10:52 in the evening. It was never one person doing something, there were always a few at least – as if folks here caught in some kind of cosmic ripple effect.

Last night we had four songwriters – three of whom had never attended the Tuesday session – show up to play at the Shack Session.

I had joined Guy Noir and Ciachicken to watch the Transformers movie (first 20 minutes were awesome – after that it went completely downhill) earlier and so got a late start heading out. The weather has been so nice I opted to walk out shackwase and enjoy what may be one of the only nice evenings we get this summer. Guy companionably shouldered the bodhrán and little big man joined us for the walk as well.

There was no one seated at the main table when we arrived, but the sheriff met us at the door and Dec came around the corner with his friend simultaneously as it was revealed that ze germanz were keeping a lonely vigil opposite. We all sat down and the tunes began.

The sheriff and myself and dec’s friend all chimed in and bongos showed up as the evening went on as well. Big D and kuch even showed up, but I think it was less of a musical than parental excursion for them. In any case, it was great to hear Dec playing music again, it had been too long.

Much later into the night Maggie Dunne arrived along with a French companion who was also a musician and songwriter visiting Ireland. It was fantastic to see her and she gave us a couple of tunes, among which was this Randy Newman one. Allll riiiight.

Her beau turned out to be quite a talented fellow, tantilizing us with this lascivious litte number en frances.

It was late when we left and it was one of those evenings.

You know, one of THOSE EVENINGS.

Oh, why do I do the things I do?