The Shack Session

the deputy plays keyboard and guitar at the shack session in athloneLast night was The Shack Sesssion. Last night was Tuesday. Coincidence?

I think not.

I had spent the earlier fragments of the evening consuming an absurdly large portion of spaghetti (wifey’s Sicilian bologneseeeeee . . . mmmmmmmmm) and was looking forward to the walk to allow stomach contents to settle. Walking with what feels like an inflating brick inside one’s abdomen is quite uncomfortable. I was just across the bridge when the sheriff and deputy pulled up and my laziness got the better of my good intentions. *sigh* At least I know what to blame these love handles on.

The evening we had a first: the deputy had brought along an electric keyboard. Normally ours is an acoustic session. It must be said the keys were kept at a sensitive volume and provided a very different sound to things like this version of riders on the storm.

I have to give the deputy props for the retro 80s keyboard and knowledge of Primus material (no, he didn’t attempt any Les Claypool on the keyboard).

It was just the sheriff, deputy, fingerpicker and I for over an hour. We were joined by ze germanz after a while and then the bean, angel, deep sea banjo and friends arrived much later. I pleaded musically for two songs from the beanzie, but nature called him from the table and then fatigue called me from the session. Tired as I was, we managed a chapter or two before sleep took us.

Yes campers, wifey and I are still trying to find time to read the final harry potter novel to each other – no spoilers, please!