The Shack Session

The Shack Session
It was another Tuesday and the Shack was the place to be.

Paddy had recently returned from a sojourn in France and offered yours truly a lift out Shack-wase for the evening. Upon arrival we found the Bean and Seanie holding court in the corner of the room. The Sheriff and Angel arrived soon afterward to make a full compliment.

Seanie's cheesy business cardOur fragile stomachs of the previous week a thing of the past, we unzipped the instrument bags and ordered ourselves a few lovely pints. Seanie has been living stateside for the last 5-6 years and came to us on the evening with a kit full of Dave Matthews tunes and an ubelieveably hokey Irish-American business card. He was good enough to let me have one, which I have published here for your amusement. He also sang us a song about Willie Nelson smoking weed, which I’d never heard before. Hilarious.

Poor Angel had a rough week of carousing around the town. She’s not long for her hometown here in Athlone, as Australia is calling her back at the end of the month. At the end of the night and with great prodding, she gave us a rendition of Caledonia. I’m a big fan of the worn-out voice, so I thought her rendition was quite lovely.

As the bar staff set the tables for lunch the following day, we gathered up our gear and said our goodbyes. I was awfully glad for Pads being there, as the rain had come and a warm drive home sounded worlds better than a damp walk.