Shack Session

pads and the ukulele at the the shack pub irish music session in athloneWinter has finally shown herself. We had some lovely warm weather all the way up until Monday night when there was a sudden turn in the air – a crispness that wasn’t there the day before.

Maybe it was the chill, maybe it was the rain, but the Shack was fairly quiet even though I arrived later than usual.

Ze germanz were there chatting with friends when I arrived and, within a few minutes, the sheriff, pads and a couple of friends joined us around the table. The novelty of the evening was a ukulele I plucked from the wall at the front of the pub. While I’ve no idea how it should be tuned, I managed to get it to imitate a guitar tuning and pads got to jamming straight away (pictured left).

I had battery problems with my recorder, so I was only able to capture this song from the sheriff and then this little drink-saturated bit from the end of the evening.

As for myself, I was so knackered from the weekend and my Monday at the paper that I almost fell asleep over my mandolin. Thinking it the better part of the valour, I took ze germanz up on their offer for an early lift home.

musicians gathered around the table at the shack session in athlone