Shack Session

Sean Lightholder sketch of musicians at traditional irish session in the shack pub, athloneI didn’t bring the camera this week . . . actually, I did bring the camera, I just neglected to remember its battery sitting in the charger back at home. In any case, you’ll have to make due with a sketch of some of the play
ers there (left).

I arrived quite late this week, despite intentions to head out early. Obligations of posting photos of the munchkin for family back in the bay area took precedence.

I arrived to find a large crowd of musicians; the sheriff, deputy, fingerpicker, ze germanz, the unassuming gentleman and even JBanjo had come out for the night. Sitting at an adjacent table without instruments were the bean, angel, VE and a few others and Rob bass was even there, though he informs me that he has left his study of the lower octaves to pursue the role of a pianist.

A few people commented to me at how robust our session is nowadays. It sure sounds louder, that’s for sure – with the deputy’s keyboard, ze germanz bass, Jbanjo’s dobro and the fingerpicker’s guitar all plugged into separate amplifiers around the table the acoustic nature of our session is certainly in question!

The dobro was a nice addition this week, with songs like this giving us a bit more variety.

A new fella came over to us and asked if he could play at one point. The first song he did was a Tim Buckley number. Allll riiiight.

The deputy even gave us one of his own (I believe). Compositional ability must run in the sheriff’s department, folks.