Shack Session

musicians gathered around the table at the shack session in athlone

Ireland was showing her fine July weather so, although I had been looking forward to a walk out shackward yesterday evening, it was behind swishing windscreen wipers that I sat on my way to the Shack.

I got there a bit early and was joined by VE, who was swinging in for one after a rehearsal with Agitated Radio Pilot. He brought along his new Irish bouzouki along and I was, again, tempted with the thought of getting one for myself.

As I went up to the bar I was joined by not one, but two of the power station crew. It would seem they were there for the night and, sure enough, after not too long they consented to give us a song.

The folks in attendance you can see above, the power station lads are in the middle, using the fingerpicker’s keychain LED light to read off the lyrics to a song they were singing. The sheriff was in good form and we even got VE to give us a song, albeit not on the bouzouki!