Shack Session

Fiona plays flute at the Shack pub in AthloneWell, this tuesday was the Shack session and there was a huge showing of folks this week: Bongo Benny, Fiona, Des, Pads, the Bean, Anne-Marie, Bill, ze Germanz and a songwriter Declan, new to the fold.

The instrumentation has changed somewhat as of late, what with the introduction of bongos and, this week, our lovely floutist. The night was mild, the tunes were varied, ranging from the regular bits of sing alongs to a bit of trad and some original pieces from Bill and Declan.

Here is a track of Fiona on the whistle, busting some trad with the Bean. Due to my illness, I just wasn’t all there this week, unfortunately. Hopefully next week I’ll be more present . . .