Shack Session

guitar player at the shack session in AthloneIt was a late start Tuesday night. I rang up ze germanz and managed to get a lift out shackwase.

Upon arrival we found just the sherrif and des holding court with their guitars conspicuously absent from their laps. Given the large turnout at last week’s session, we were surprised to find just the two lads.

We didn’t waste too much time getting into the tunes and were joined by the schoolmaster (who busted some chet atkins and Tommy Emmanuel on our unsuspecting heads – boo-yah!) and bongos after a while.

The big surprise of the night came at the end as the pub was closing down.

The unassuming gentleman at the table behind us (pictured above) borrowed a guitar, deftly re-tuned it and proceeded to swing both his hands to the front of it and play it like a percussion instrument – tapping, slapping sliding his way around the instrument in a fashion I’d never seen done before. It was awesome – pints paused on the way to mouths and all chatter stopped.

It sounded like this. Sue Wheat.