Shack Session

acoutrements of music on the table at the weekly shack session in athloneThis Tuesday was a quiet one in the Shack. It was just me and the sheriff with kuch keeping us on track.

Having said that, we did have a new member of the group, a fellow arrived with a spanish guitar in a hard case and, testifying that he played “Rodrigo y Gabriella”-style music, proceeded to demonstrate an unconventional flamenco-style guitar playing in a selection of original songs. It was an unusual turn for the evening, and the three of us spent the night trading mostly original songs between the three of us. Our newcomer left early, but midwife joined us a few scant seconds before last orders and our numbers remained undiminished.

The craic must have been good, because when we looked up from whatever we were laughing at, the stools were on tables, the carpets hoovered and the bar staff were sitting in a small group chatting away. I do believe it may have been the latest Tuesday in Shack session history.

Well! So here is a sample of our newcomer doing a cake-esque treatment of I will survive.