Shack Session

Hardy playing guitar at the Shack SessionThis week’s Shack session marked a long month for me with a complete lack of wife and munchkin. It was a wild ride, the empty rooms at the end of one’s nights certainly gives an extra glow and warmth to Athlone’s public houses. Oh, the shhhcandal!

In any case, an honest man once more I pen this bit on Tuesday’s session here. The Sherrif was good enough to escort yours truly in through the drizzle where we found a dissapating crowd of soccer enthusiasts just abandoning their roosts in the Shack. Ze germanz, hardy, DEK (of former “the new guy” fame), VE and the two of us got stuck in fairly lively.

Over the weekend I had hit a wellspring of Travelling Wilbury tunes to salve the lonely soul and a spilled a few out onto the table for the lads to have a look at. After hearing “Congratulations,” VE treated us with this one. DEK had a couple of new tunes for us as well, one of which might see the light of day at this year’s songwriter showcase, which he’s playing this year. Allllriiight!