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Shack Session

the Bean plays his new Irish bouzouki at the Shack session in AthloneIt was another Tuesday night and the feeling was right to head out for a bite . . . er, or a session in the Shack!

We had a pretty good turnout this week with pads, ze germanz, the sherrif, the bean, angel, the fingerpicker and my own sweet self. I caught a lift out with pads and we entered to a seranade of accordian from the bar. Dodging past the dancers, we made our way up to the usual spot before floating our whiskers into a creamy pint of stout.

It would seem the session is attracting some regular audience members for the first time I can recall. Great for the musicians, as it’s not the sort of crowd roaring for cover tunes, but the sort who might suggest a favourite song quietly as the night wears on and their courage builds up.

Things were well underway when the bean and annie arrived and bean produced his – dah dah dah dahhhhh – Irish bouzouki!

That’s right folks, the bean is making his way through the stringed music utensils. In honour of the craic, here is the Beanie meanie giving her a first outing at the session with a Bob Dylan number.

Ahhh folks, just lookit ’em up there. Ahh, aren’t they sweet!