Shack Session

Irish music session in the shack pub, athlone

Well, Tuesday was the good old reliable Shack session. That’s right, kids. Well, given that last week’s session was the songwriter release night and the previous week was so well attended it was standing room only we were half-fearful heading down this week – could it get any bigger?

Well, we needn’t have worried. The Sherrif called in sick (hope you’re feeling better!) and it was just wifey, the new guy, the bean, pads and ze germanz this week. It was nice and cozy.

It had been some months . . . has it been almost a year? Since wifey attended a Shack session and, seeing as she won’t be able to for the next month, we made a point of showing up early. Well, that and the fact that we’d need to be on the road to the airport at 2am. Ick.

Anyhow, Westham was busy playing Liverpool on the big screen when we arrived and wifey made good with the aul knitting needles. She continued to do so while singing, which must be quite difficult. You know, “knit one, pearl jam two . . .”

Okay, I’m gonna get a slap for that last one.

I’m gonna stick up a few tunes this week. I’ll just get right to it. Fair play to the new guy for this new song of his. I only regret I missed the very beginning.

Bean gave us some Nick Drake lovin’.

Wifey has been wanting me to learn this song for, like, three years now. Of course, it’s all about the mandolin part, really. Listen for yourself.