Shack session

The Paddy Shack This Tuesday’s Shack session was a pretty excellent one. Thanks to visiting in-laws, the wifey was able to put in an appearance, which was an excellent thing. The musical complement this week was Bill, Des, Pads, the Bean, Anne-Marie and wifey.

Pads provided transportation to ourselves with a quick stop by Alfredos for some dirty, dirty chips. As we strolled through the doors of the Shack, hefting our devices of music, the buzz in the place was already palpable. Settling ourselves in, the brown bag of dirty chips was spilled open in the centre of the table for all to share. The Bean and Anne-Marie were already rolling out the tunes, it was a simple matter of joining in. The world-famous Eamonn joined us at one stage, giving us a huge rendition of Tim Buckley’s Dolphins.

The evening seemed to stretch on much later than usual, which suited all concerned; no one seemed to want it to end. As things got thick and hairy, the wifey’s normally reticent dad gave us a half-remembered rendition of an old mountain song about a young bride who reveals herself on her wedding night to be “closer to 90 than 19.” Inspired, the wifey gave us a late night dose of sorrow to wind things up.

At some point I found myself standing in dark of the hallway at home, instruments threatening to slip from tired fingers, head buzzing with tunes.
The Shack Session