Sean’s Sunday Session

sean's bar traditional irish session in athloneThis sunday was the Sean’s Bar session with Amber Moon. These sessions are getting more popular recently and you never know who you might find gathered around the table on a sleepy Sunday afternoon. Wifey, the munchkin and I headed down for the company and the craic.

This week we had a fantastic banjo and accordian duo show up to give us some lively tunes. Hilariously enough, the recordings I have from that are too big to upload here! The shortest of the accordian pieces came in at just under 7 minutes. It got me to thinking – remember when popular music had at least a minute and a half of musical introduction before the singer began? Okay, maybe that was pre-rock-n-roll, but I wonder if modern audiences patience has gotten shorter or the music industry has just gotten lazy?

In any case, damsel and the bean pulled out one of the catchiest little collections of tunes, called Morning Nightcap. Listen to that one and it’ll be stuck in your head for ages.

Also, the day had a fantastic surprise in the form of Mr Bill Coleman.

bill coleman plays sean's bar in athloneBill is releasing his album soon – so run out and get it, folks! In any case, he gave us a few tunes, including this version of Offer up the Hope with Kerbside’s better half (aka wifey) joining in on backing vocals.

Oh yeah, and cheers to siameasy and the missus for the pints!