Sean’s Sunday session

sketch of amber moon playing sean's bar in athlone by sean lightholderIt will be the last session with beans for a coupla weeks in Sean’s Bar, the oldest pub in Ireland.

I pulled out the trusty point-and-shoot (which is dying a slow death) and began to curse when it refused to even turn on. Before chucking it in the bin I had the presence of mind to check the battery compartment . . . which was empty, because I had put it on to charge so it might be ready for the session.

The best laid plans, folks.

So you’ll have to put up with my sketching this week in lieu of a photograph. In any case, the trad was of top quality as usual with a few songs worked in as well. My favourite of the session was a combination of the afore mentioned with an excellent blend of song and tune – I was pleasantly surprised when the bodhran I laid over the song gave a real swing to the trad as they transitioned . . . and back again. Lovely stuff.