Sean’s Sunday Session

musicians gathered around the table at a traditional Irish session in Sean's Bar, AthloneIt was the first of two Sunday sessions without the Amber Moon units. I headed down to Sean’s Bar a bit early – I had been out playing the previous evening and the fire to get the fingers on the fretboard was in me.

As I mentioned earlier, the town has been fierce quiet and Sean’s was no exception. My fears were soon allayed however, as the teachers arrived and unpacked accordion and guitar and set to business. It was also the last week the Arizonians (Arizonans?) were in town, so they made the effort and, along with ze germanz and a quiet djembe player, filled out the slots around the table.

As it turned out, the pub filled up as well. A good number of families came in with kids, who either crept cautiously closer to watch the players or danced madly on the sawdust-strewn floor.

There was a some excellent trad by the teachers and I had great craíc chiming in on this song about Donegal. The Arizonians (Arizonans?) made a good account of themselves as well, I thought this blues number was one of the highlights.