Sean’s Sunday Session

musicians play at the traditional session in sean's bar, athlone

After my Saturday night I awoke Sunday morning with a grin on my face and an itch in my fingers to grab the guitar again as soon as humanly possible. This could be why this entry has not one – not two – but THREE, count ’em, THREE mp3s!! Booyah!

The itch wasn’t relieved until the Amber Mooninians descended on Sean’s for the Sunday session – and what a session it was. Not only was there some cracking trad happening in usual fashion, but the curlmeister showed up with his djembe to lend some beats and there was even a bit of the traditional Irish sing-along happening – like this man here who chimed in a lovely version of the dawning of the day, silencing the pub and rightfully so!

Wifey even arrived on the scene after the munchkin’s nap and the bean and I in our capacity as Five Finger Discount gave our whimsical treatment of you can call me al.

Allll riiiight!