Sean’s Sunday Session

musicians sit around the table at Sean's Bar Sunday session in Athlone

It was another Sunday in Sean’s. Outside the sun was splitting the rocks and inside faces were splitting wide with smiles while the music raged and rambled. Despite the fine weather, a fire was roaring in the fireplace, baking the backsides of your favourite blogger and the unfortunate bass-weilding ze germanz to my right.

The crowd and session players in Sean's Bar at the Sunday session in AthloneWe had some great trad from the amber moon core and assembled others. A banjo present gave us this excellent taste of bluegrass. I’ll even admit to singing one among the accomplished musicians – even if I stumbled over a good many of the words.

You’d imagine it was just too excellent a day to stay indoors, but the crowd never wavered. There’s a pic there for ya, pants – lookit ’em all!

When the music draws an Irish crowd away from fine weather . . . well, enough said!