Sean’s Sunday session

SeanThere’s always music in Sean’s Bar. It’s real tourist destination and the most popular pub around, so they keep the sessions thick and frequent.

Sometimes after the Murray sisters have finished their morning session, another session starts off later in the afternoon. This week was one such week. But there was a surprise in store. Sean Fitzsimmons, retired owner of Sean’s hobbled in and gave us a song.

Poor old Sean isn’t just up there in years, he’s sadly lost his leg about two years ago and has to get around now with a prosthetic and crutches or a wheelchair. Not that that’s stopped him! You can often find him sitting at his stool (the plaque still reads “This seat reserved for Sean”).

Sean's Bar sunday SessionI, personally, did not know him for a singer. His voice may be old and carry the years as plainly as the rest of him, but I think there’s something special in his desire to join in with us. The pub grew quiet for him and the musicians in the corner joined in quietly, helping him with any words that didn’t come to the forefront of his mind.

I felt lucky to have had my recorder on me. Have a listen to Carrick Fergus by Sean Fitzsimmons.