Sean’s Saint Patrick’s Sunday Session

musicians at Sean's Bar Sunday session on Saint Patrick's WeekendA lively day in Sean’s Bar was had Sunday. Big M, meez, hardy, gib, flute, banjo and drum gathered around the table for some post-Paddy’s-day tunes.

As usual, families had come in after mass and little faces gleefully shone in the firelight while minerals and bags of crisps were in abundant supply. I was thrilled when a man from an older generation turned around on his bar stool at one point and gave us an a capella version of this tune as gaeilge (that means “in Irish”).

The tunes picked up as the afternoon went on and lively numbers like maggie in the woods got the whole pub roaring and singing along.

I reckon that the craíc in the oldest pub in the world hasn’t changed that much over the centuries. Here’s hoping it never does!