Sean’s Bar Sunday session

Wifey and the munchkin playing Irish whistle in Sean's Bar, Athlone at the sunday sessionIt’s so good to have Las Lunas Ambarinos back and in good form at the Sunday session in Sean’s Bar.

This Sunday was a subdued affair with angel and the bean flanked by yours truly, ze germanz and a kimono-clad whistle player.

Angel sang a lovely version of The Last Call for Ellis Island. At one point wifey and the munchkin arrived and some little fingers got ahold of one of the whistles on the table. It was only a couple of minutes’ observation time before munchkin discovered the trick of BLOWING into the whistle.

The bean leapt to action and plucked a “D” whistle from the table, swapped it for the one in her mouth and launched into an appropriately-keyed tune. If you listen there, the shrill blasts interrupting the otherwise lovely melody are the munchkin’s contributions to the tune.

musicians gathered around the table at a traditional Irish session in Sean's Bar, AthloneSince the wifey was in residence, I plucked the guitar from her case and convinced those gathered to join in on a version of Sunny Afternoon. Very nahhhce, says you.

VE and riggity stuck the heads in later and gave us some Neil Young and lovely guitar lead before things wound to a close.

Ah sure, where would we be without our Sunday session says you.