Sean’s Bar Session

Amber Moon and the munchkin at the traditional Irish music session in Sean's Bar, AthloneThis Sunday was the weekly session in Ireland’s oldest pub and wifey, the munchkin and myself headed down for a few tunes and the craic.

The place was wedged with people. Must be the end of the weekend gives folks the anxiety that their level of entertainment has yet to approach acceptable levels. We had quite a crew gathered around the aul table this time around – banjo, accordian, guitars, mandolins, bouzouki and a couple of singers were there to keep the place hoppin.

I made the tragic error of not checking the batteries on the recorder prior to attendance, resulting in this week’s truncated mp3, thusly.

It must be getting on toward Spring, because there were more than a few yanks about with their cameras (and I don’t mean yours truly!). Judging on the age demographic and the accents, I’m guessing mid-west somewhere? We again felt the touch of US culture with the rampant flashes from digital cameras, not a few aimed at the munchkin who was dancing enthusiastically among the knot of musicians gathered around the table.

Ah, who could blame ’em, really, right?