Pre-Christmas Shack Session

Shack Session in Athlone

Last night was the last Shack session before Christmas.

The sister has arrived in town for the holiday and I was late starting out for the session. Upon arrival, I found pads, the bean, angel, des and the fingerpicker keeping the fire lit amongst a larger-than-normal Shack crowd. Christmas time being what it is, there will be company parties infiltrating the watering holes of Athlone all week.

There was a lot of conversation this week, everyone seemed tired from the run-up to Christmas and just glad to sit and have a quite one on a Tuesday night. We also solved the mystery of the missing sherrif – it would seem the floods have him stranded at the home place, treacherous night-time drives out to the Tuesday session just aren’t in the cards.

As you would expect, there were a few christmas songs floated out across the table. This week’s mp3 is short and sweet, cheers to the fingerpicker for this little Christmas ditty.