Kerbside on the radio

June Carley, midlands 103 DJ interviewing kerbsideYes, the Athlone Castle gig and the triathlone are this weekend and the midlands are a-buzz with anticipation.

In this vein, myself (as half of Kerbside)and the other local original bands playing Saturday night in the castle were invited by Midlands Radio 3 DJ June Carley to drop in during her Sunday Best of Irish broadcast to discuss the concert and maybe play a song on the air. Wifey wasn’t feeling up to it, so I joined the lads from Makewait on my own and headed down to Tullamore Sunday evening.

I’ll tell you, when you witness a DJ in action firsthand you really get an appreciation for what they do on the air. June was a charming, articulate hostess and me, well, I just couldn’t stop saying “uhhhh.”

Click here to hear the broadcast in its entirety.

(It has been brought to my attention that some folks have problems listening to the mp3s on this site. If clicking the above mp3 link isn’t working or if the sound file only plays for a few seconds, just right-click (or cntrl-clik for Mac users) on the mp3 link above and select “save link as” and listen to the file once it’s downloaded to your machine.)

Cheers to June for inviting us and cheers to Derek and Makewait for the lift.