Kerbside at The Passion Lounge

Kimberly of Irish band Kerbside singing at the Passion Lounge sessions in TullamoreThere’s a great thing happening down in Tullamore once a month called The Passion Lounge Sessions.

With a professional lighting, audio and video set-up, this intimate acoustic performance space attracts original Irish performers from all over the country. Kerbside (that is to say, yours truly and the wifey) were invited to play last Friday’s show in the good company of Bill Coleman and Jimi Cullen. It was good to see the lads and share the stage with our old friends and, as usual, getting to see them perform was a privilege.

Just back from San Francisco the evening before, I was fighting off a bit of the aul jet lag. For some reason, I had thought I was getting in on Wednesday. No no – I LEFT on Wednesday and, through the magic of time zones, arrived on Thursday morning. Bleagh.

Nevertheless, we were pretty stoked at getting up and performing a few songs – it had been a while. The way the evening works at the Passion Lounge is each performer plays 5 songs and then gets back up for another set of 4 after everyone has gone once. We played a few songs off our album and, because a cover song was requested, we played Ghost by Kirsten Hirsch.

We’re looking forward to seeing the video footage and will post it up here when we it’s ready, but good man Bill recorded a few bits for us with our handy-dandy recording device, so we’ve this mp3 from the evening of Kim singing Ghost.