Irish Artist – Makewait

makewait, independent Irish rock band from Athlone

Among the English-speaking nations of the world, Ireland may be geographically small, but in terms of her impact on international music, she stands tall indeed. How is it that such a ridiculously disproportionate number of internationally famous musicians and bands call Ireland home?

What is it about this small, rain-soaked island that breeds such excellent music?

I’ve been exploring that vein of thought in this, the seventh in a series of profiles I’ve been doing on prominent Irish musical artists and groups.

This week’s artist is Makewait.

Because Tuesday is the release of the songwriter CD I thought I should cover one of the artists on this year’s CD.

Unlike the other artists I have covered so far in this series, Makewait is a truly unsigned and independent group. The trio of Ian Bell, Derek Daly, Cormac Sheerin hail from Athlone and have been playing music together from year dot.

Although they’ve just the one EP to their name, the three musicians are churning out catchy melodies and harmonies, reminiscent of the later Beatles. Having played together for as long as they have, the solid musicianship of the three lads is augmented by their comradery – their music blends as well as their personalities.

Makewait has only started branching out, playing supporting acts around Ireland where their original music has been well received. The songwriter showcase was their first acoustic gig, and the format suited the band well, showcasing their vocal harmonies and letting the quality of their writing shine claerly through the sparse instrumentation.

Makewait: an up and coming Irish act.

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