Irish Artist – Agitated Radio Pilot

agitated radio pilotIn about three hours, you can take a train across the entire width of Ireland. And yet, for such a small place, Ireland looms large on the world stage in terms of its music. Just count the number of Irish artists currently on the charts.

What is it about this small, rain-soaked island that breeds such excellent music?

It’s that very idea we’ll be exploring in this, the fifteenth in a series I’ve been publishing on Irish music.

This week’s artist is Agitated Radio Pilot.

Agitated Radio Pilot is the most personally-focused project of Dave Colohan’s many musical endeavours. Dave is something of an underground phenomenon with over 10 independently produced albums available from his website (although many have actually sold out and are no longer available).

Dave is a chronically productive artist whose global musical connections allow him to have his hand involved in everything from sound art and instrumental projects to lyric-driven and performance art-like pieces. With a deep, resonant voice and a quiet, but compelling stage presence, it’s no wonder this underground artist’s name is used with respect in so many circles. I first saw him perform live when he opened for Andy Irvine in the Bog Lane Theatre and was well-impressed and surprised I hadn’t heard more from him before.

Agitated Radio Pilot will be one of the artists gracing the stage at this year’s showcase at the end of the month and it’s a performance I’m very much looking forward to.

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