Hickory Wind debuts in Sean’s Bar

Hickory Wind plays Sean's Bar in AthloneHold onto your hats kids, there’s a new band in town and they smell of . . . what is that, musty old Alabama cherrywood trunks filled with moth-eaten gowns and half-painted, hand-carved wooden toys left by a generation now whiskered and nostalgically inclined?

What? Asparagus?? But that doesn’t make any sense!

All right, embrace your inner bluegrass – the genre owes Ireland just about everything except the last two distillation batches, right? Take some young Irish lads, string together in the treble clef, douse in bourbon, whip into a lively froth and you’ve Hickory Wind.

Grab them ear muscles and gettahold of this.

The band’s myspace page is here.