Flannery’s Session

Flannery's pub traditional irish music in Athlone

It’s been a while since my last post about Flannery’s and this last Saturday night I made it a point to stop in. The evening was well-attended as usual and music was varied. I was especially pleased to capture this rendition of the transit van song, as it is one of my favourites. One of the things you’ll need to know to fully appreciate the song is that up in the north of Ireland it used to be that there were checkpoints at the borders of each county where, if you were transporting British cattle, you would be paid on the spot a subsidy. The fella who sang the song told me afterwards that lads would often borrow cattle just to drive to the checkpoints and collect the subsidy; this is the premise of the transit van song.

There were many other tunes to be had on the night and wifey, the bean and ronan were all there amongst the regulars. Our way home was past full nightclubs and inadvisably florescent boy racers buzzing along Church street.