Flannery’s Friday Session

the bean plays a tune at Flannery's Friday session in AthloneIt’s been a bit of a slow burner, really. Hardy started it, suggesting a gathering on a Friday in Flannerys – a night that would otherwise go session-less.

I piled into the car with the bean, angel and their German-raised Polish friend. We arrived and settled into the corner, some fitful tuning and setting out of instruments preceded an order from the bar. It wasn’t long before the songs began.

You could hardly ask for a better environment than Flannery’s for a session. Warm, shaded light, deep-hued carpet and worn, wooden table surfaces make for a very lived-in environment.

The decor is a conversation with the years, inviting you to add your voice to the mix.

It was close to the end of the night when one of the bar patrons turned around and, with a bit of encourgement, gave us this old song.

I’ll admit that there might have been a greasy, nasty sojourn to the Chinese before the night ended.