Brideswell Session

brideswell traditional irish music session near Athlone

Well, it was out to Brideswell last night for some world-class trad. I always regret it when I can’t make the bi-monthly session, because if you miss one, it’s almost a month between the last and the next one you’ll attend. This session was a very well-attended one with the core guitar/bouzouki/uilleann pipe instrumentation plus another floutist me own self on bodhran, ze germanz on bass and the bean and Annie in attendance as well.

Here is a piece led by the bazouki. I chose this one to post here as the bouzouki is a beautiful, but quiet instrument that rarely gets heard clearly. I leaned in close and made sure it was picked up well on this track.

While it’s probably not the best example of the articulate musicianship of the night, I’m also including here the night’s rendition of The The Auld Triangle, just because you can hear the folks laughing and joining in 4-part harmony (some moments more successful than others) on the choruses.