Bill Coleman and Kerbside at the Roisin Dubh tonight!!

Bill Coleman's effects pedals

I woke this morning with a buzz in my brain.

Tonight we’re playing The Roisin Dubh (pronounced “ROE-sheen duhv”) in Galway with Bill Coleman. The Dubh is a pretty prestigious venue, hosting all kinds of internationally famous acts. Admittedly, we’ll be playing the upstairs stage, but it’s still super exciting.

It’s been a while since wifey and I were out playing an originals gig as Kerbside. To be honest, I can’t wait. I’ve heard that the audiences in The Dubh tend to be truly attentive and sharing the bill with Bill (heheh) is a pleasant proposition as well.

I just have to re-string the guitar, pack the car and figure out a setlist before heading off the Galway after work.

buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz . . .