Californian dialect for the Irish masses

sean and kimberly lightholder of kerbside fame - heh hehYes, I’ve been quoted in a local paper using the word “stoked.”

I guess it just shows you can take the boy out of California but you can’t take the California out of the boy.

In a slightly embarassing, but very flattering, article I’ll have to send home to mom along with the Westmeath’s article on this blog, the Athlone Advertiser has run a story on tomorrow’s Athlone Castle Rocks gig and spends a good deal of space discussing Kerbside and my thoughts on the concert.

I was a little embarassed reading it – after all, I’m just a member of one of the bands playing – if anyone, Bobby Hewitt is the organiser and I would have thought he’d be the main interviewee. Perhaps I was the most effusive on the phone?

No no, I think it’s my use of the word “stoked.”

Cheers to Troina Doherty at the Advertiser for the write-up. Read the whole article here.