Two Days in Galway: Intinerary Ideas

galway-harbor-viewGalway is the capital of the West Ireland and the place where you can find a lot of things to do . You can hunt for the salmon at the Corrib River, go to museum of the wife of James Joyce, Nora Barnacle or simply relax in various sociable old fall down pubs.

But what if you only have 48 hours to spend in the city of Galway, what would you do and what will come first on your itinerary?

Day 1

Tour along River Corrib

The river whirls throughout the city, dividing into west and east. This plummeting river serves as a passage for the Lough Corrib. It also spreads out on the southern rim of the Galway City to the Galway Bay. Delightfully still channels have made small islands in addition to the three viaducts that connect the two parts. Although the city is not very small, you can still find places that are not far from each other. You might find that the north part of Galway is filled with more places to spend your time though.

Take a Trek

Beginning at the cathedral of St Nicholas, pass through the Salmon Weir Overpass. Before rushing to Lough Corrib, never forget to witness the peaty, cool water to observe if the salmons are gathering. Go after the riverbank walkway on the south part of the Wolfe Tone Overpass and go along the dockside, past painted, pretty residences, until you get to a huge, lush area that gaze out to Galway Bay. From there, you can see the beautiful Aran Islands. On the contrasting part, you can see the remnants of Spanish Arc.

Window Shopping

After the exciting trek, try window shopping. The city is known to be a paradise for the book lovers. One best example is the Kenny’s which is located at High St. It is an institution in Galway, with rooms of new as well as second-hand and antiquarian Irish and English language books. Charlie Byrne’s, located at Cornstore, Middle St. is also famous for books as the store is very well stocked of them. If you are up to music, go to Mulligan Records at Middle St.


Galway is packed with bright and affordable restaurants where you could eat everything from fish to Indonesian squid and chips and oysters. Many pubs provide different buttery fish chowder versions and together with delectable yummy soda bread of Ireland, this would definitely create a pleasing and satisfying lunch.

Be Cultural

After your sumptuous meal, proceed to any art gallery. The recently opened gallery at Flood Street, An Gailearai Beag houses artworks from local artists. If you are in search of something unusual, make a reservation at the Le Graal located at Lower Dominic St. This is a café that displays abstract work of many Irish. The high populace of artists within the city of Galway would only mean that there are more to see in this city.

Before the Evening Ends

Go to the museum of Nora Barnacle. The place was formerly the home of the wife of James Joyce and rumors has it that Joyce had visited this house for a lot of times during the early 20th century. This little museum is said to be devoted to the Joyce couple.

Day 2

Have your Brunch

For the finest meal of your trip, take time to experience the pleasures of Spanish Arc Café which is located at Quay St. You can find strong coffee here, in addition to oatmeal winterberry hotcakes with natural Burren honey delectable. They also have the eggy- bread, which they call Toast Quebecois, the finest that you will surely experience. They are all natural and still better and affordable.

Wander in the park

After the delicious meal at Quayside, go to the Galway Bay. Then, continue walking through the west part for 3 kilometers until you get to the 3 Salthill beaches. Here, you can see a conservative beach resort. It traditional to take a walk in these wonderful beaches before you turns your back around and begins your trip home. But, if you wish to stay a bit, you can take with you your swimming stuffs and feel the water of Galway on your body.

Visit the churches
Even if it is not Sunday, you can still visit the churches of Galway. Go to St. Nicholas Church or to the Protestant Collegiate Cathedral of St Nicholas. Between the two churches, the latter church is the one that is more appealing to travelers. Outside of the church you can find the window of Lynch Memorial, with a wall bearing crossbones and a skull.

Last dinner in Galway

Looking for the best dining spots? Go to Kirwan’s Street Creative Cuisine. Dazzling to glance at it, the place provides interesting and fresh dishes like salmon tartar and crab. If you want to be vegetarian for a while, proceed to River God Café, and you will surely find recipes of not fewer than 10 various kinds of fresh veggies.

Lastly, save all of these experiences in your heart and mind in order for you to have a wonderful recall of them later on.