The rugby world cup

united states rugby logoIt’s one of those things I’ve never really understood. You meet these hard-core Irish guys who live in the country, listen to trad, have family with questionable political affiliations and carry a general disdain for anything anglo . . . and then you discover that they absolutely love rugby or soccer. We’re talking Man U stickers on their car/president of their local Liverpool supporters club kind of love.

Tres bizarre.

Speaking of, er, IN French, I sat down with the grumpy frenchman yesterday to watch the inaugural match of the rugby world cup between France and Argentina. Thanks to his apt, if steeped in irony, commentary I picked up enough to understand and, to my surprise, enjoy the match.

So it was with less apathy than I’d normally apply to sporting events that I awaited the US/England world cup rugby match today. I fully expected to be supremely disappointed at the US showing and was quite surprised when they pulled off a respectable 10-28 loss to England. It was the exception to the day’s games, as the others were a complete mis-match: New Zealand tromped Italy 76 to 14 and Australia steamrolled over Japan at 91 to 3.

With my newly acquired knowledge of the game and the last two days’ matches to whet my appetite, I await tomorrow’s game between Ireland and Namibia with some eagerness.

Come on Ireland!