Street Markets in Galway

street-markets-in-galwayLike many other places in Ireland, Galway is also bustling with street markets that are famous among the visitors and locals alike. As a tourist you get the chance to see the real city and its inhabitants, plus get some authentic souvenirs and maybe find something interesting to eat.

Church Lane

The church lane near the church of St. Nicholas in the hub of Galway had been a busy street market for centuries now. You can find hundreds of stands selling locally produced crafts.

There is a huge array of available foods as well such as yummy crepes, Madras curry, Japanese sushi and other delectable handmade chocolates. Also, you can purchase the different ingredients for a yummy picnic gourmet.

Many locals and tourists come to this market to chitchat and shop. It is an ideal location to make new friends and share some stories.

The market is open during Saturday and Bank Holidays from 8 in the morning until 6 in the evening and on Sunday from 2 in the afternoon until 6 in the evening.

Saturday Market

Located between the Market St. and Shop St., Saturday Market is basically one of the wonderful experiences of life that makes a person proud to have lived near this street market. Why? It is primarily due to the fact that this market is able to offer a great array of novel goods and foods as well as gift ideas at an excellent value.

It is not surprising why locals and travelers flock here all day each Saturday, be it rain, sun or hail.

You can find a great variety of foods, from fresh fruits and vegetable stalls, where vendors normally include fresh herbs and other extra products. Also, novel gift items are also available like various scents and shapes of candles, old shoes that are decorated and varnished as well as attractive hats.

Quay Street

This is actually an ideal place that you should go to when in Galway if you are in search for good craic and good food. The word “craic” is a popular Irish phrase which means having a good time. The variety of drinks and foods being offered in this street market is broad and diverse. It is famous for offering the freshest salmon and lobster and other excellent meats.

Ornamore Market

Located at the back of the church, Ornamore Market is open each Thursday from 12 noon until 6 in the evening. Ornamore is well known for its organic vegetables and fruits that are harvested during the Market Day, fresh fish, freshly baked cakes, breads, savories, locally made cheeses, sweet pancakes and pate. The market also has a huge variety of locally farmed poultry and meat, duck eggs and free range chicken, garden plants, fudges, shrubs and trees and a lot more. All are marketed in high quality, locally produced products and at excellent value.

Ballinasloe Farmers Market

The market is located at Main St. and serves as a channel to locally made quality products, a zone of trade almost completely ignored by conventional retail outlets. Ballinasloe Farmers Market offers a broad array of local products, with fresh organic veggies that come straight from an organic farm.