September in Galway – Events, Weather and Travel Tips

september-in-galway1If there is one thing Galway does so well, it is probably welcoming new travelers. Though you can still expect rain in September, it must not let you to go back to your hotel and just stay there and do nothing. Instead, go to one of the well-known pubs and get used to the Irish culture and a pint of beer!

Even if September in Galway does mean limited visitors there are a lot of things to do, especially if you love oysters.

September Events in Galway

Clarinbridge Oyster Festival: Established in 1954 and still surviving, the festival has become a significant part of the life in thequaint community of Clarinbridge, situated in the south part of Galway. On the west part of this community you can find Dunbulcan bay, where the best oysters in the world are produced. More than 100,000 oysters are consumed during this weekend festivity. Clarinbridge Oyster Festival includes a yacht races, golf tournaments, photographic and art showcases, good wine, gourmet night, and many more. The main highlight of the event though is to give the visitors with a gastronomic experience that will be unforgettable. The festival will open on September 11 and will end on the 13th of the same month.

Galway International oyster Festival: This festival is the leading event in the calendar of Galway . During the festival you are promised a weekend of frenziedly entertainments that features both national and international high class performers, dancing and cabaret. The festival will come to pass from the 24th to the 27th of September.

Clifden Arts Week : Take a time to wander during the day in Galway, enjoy the wonderful autumn color, eat in an excellent restaurant and be motivated by the best artists of Ireland as they join and have a chat with the locals and travelers alike. The greatest running community arts festival runs between September 17 and 27. Clifden Arts Week again promises to give something that will thrill everyone this September. Visitors can anticipate for an extremely high-class artistic program with an outstanding musical, visual art and literary art content.

September Weather in Galway

The weather of Galway is remarkably changeable, but there is a great chance for rain to fall even though only for a short time.

Avg. high 61.0° F/16.11°C
Avg. low 47.0° F/8.33°C
Avg. precipitation 4.10 inches/10.41cm

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Getting Here

September is autumn in Galway and it only means that it’s the best time to visit the city. Why? Simple, it is an off peak season and there is a great chance for you to take advantage the airfare deals of many airlines. Also, many airlines offer discounted flights to Ireland so it is easy to find something suitable for your budget.

Where to Stay

Finding cheap Galway hostels is never that difficult as the city is not over crowded with visitors in September. However, if you plan to come during the festivals, do book your room in advance. Many hotels and other accommodations are also providing great deals to their guests.

Hostels are also good choices especially if your budget is on the low side. Many offer private rooms so you don’t need to worry about staying in dorms.