Ploughing Championships

Dancing Diggers at Ploughing Championships

Where there’s muck, there’s luck!
Your eyes do not fool you. The photo above there is from last year’s International ploughing championships and, yes, those are dancing diggers.

The 75th National and the 2006 World Ploughing Championships in Tullow, Co Carlow is this week. The annual autumn event is the largest agricultural event in Europe, costs €20million to put on and is staged on 700 acres of farmland here in Ireland.

The festivities include (aside from the dancing diggers) ploughing contests, “Best Of” animal competitions, milking competitions, fashion expositions, sheep tossing (??!) and just about anything you can imagine having to do with farming and the shenanigans associated with rural Ireland. There is also a high tech element to the event as sponsors, alternative fuel companies and inventors vie for attention from the huge crowds. There will be music, craic and loads and loads of muck for the well

Here’s an excellent blog on the championship.