Lovely day, lovely day, luhhvvlee dayy

view of burgess park in athlone with river shannon and man in rowboat in the foreground

I was just saying a week or so ago that April may be the best month to visit Ireland. Just look at that above there, folks.

I am currently paying a ridiculous amount of money to drink a bottle of Corona (with obligatory lime slice) here as I recline in shorts and sandals with the balcony door wide open to the gorgeous day. While we’re on the subject, why does a beer that costs $4 a sixer in the states cost about $3 a bottle in Ireland? You can’t tell me it’s all due to the tax.

Moving swiftly onwards – it was a day of blazing sun and folks out wishing it was a weekend so they could abandon their offices and enjoy it. I’d say more than a few did, actually. The munchkin and I took a couple of forays across the town to enjoy the weather. Sure, who could blame us?

Here’s hoping it lasts through the weekend. Mr Robert Blake is coming to town Saturday night and yours truly is playing an opening slot – ahhhlll riiighht!

the river shannon in athlone with swans in the foreground - town bridge, athlone castle and saint peter and paul's church in the background