Last glimpse of a naked bridge

Athlone town bridge by nightSo Dublin and Galway may have already decked themselves out for the season, but Athlone is waiting until . . . well, probably until the storms have died down.

Take a good hard look at the photo there to your left, because tonight on the way home from the Shack session I saw the lads from the town council out with the lights getting ready to string them across our town bridge.

Now, I don’t know how long it takes your average person to string lights and I certainly wouldn’t like to be up at this hour doing my work, but it has to be said that I walked past the lads setting up on my way to the session and then walked past them on the way back and the lights were still not arcing their way gracefully across the span of the bridge.

In fairness, I’ll be sure to stick up some luhhvly festive shots of our humble decorations when they’re up. I don’t really know how I was able to hold this shot so still – the exposure was taking so long I must have taken a dozen before this one turned out all right.

Check out the Akira-like streaking taillights there . . . ahhhlllllriiiiiiighht!