Irish Eurovision entry

You know, I metioned a while back that despite the occasional bit of comedic tragedy I wondered whether anyone really cares about Eurovision? Well, Sunday night’s Eurovision was all anyone could talk about on the radio yesterday morning.

For those of you reading this stateside – the Eurovision song contest used to be an annual contest between all European nations to find who could write the best song, judged by a panel of qualified judges. Nowadays it’s an annual contest between all european nations to see who can put on the best stage show, judged by anyone who can vote via text message from their mobile phone. The old contest produced acts like Abba. The new one has produced acts like Lordi – last year’s star-trek-costumed winners(don’t know what I’m talking about ? Seriously: click here).


Ireland is known for winning the most number of eurovisions ever. I think. Annnyway – it just hasn’t been the same since Donna and Joe. So this year, apparently out of desperation, Ireland decided – for the first time – to send an Irish band to compete. Why not? Let’s round up a few aul crusty, bearded lads who can do the aul diddly-eye and fire it out there against some half-naked 18-year-old eastern european dancers backed by some electronic, ravy, electric thumpy music!

They selected poor old Dervish.

Now, Dervish are a great Irish group. Great players. I do not have a television. I did not watch the Eurovision Sunday. But after flicking from RTE 1 to RTE 2 to Shannonside FM and finding them all talking about it I had to load up the old youTube and have a look for myself.

The first thing I found was NOT the final Eurovision performance. It was some kind of video and I have to say, I was stunned to find the song they were performing wasn’t half bad. Good lord. So what if we were ranked last in Eurovision, it just showed a lack of taste on everone else’s part.

Oh, but then I DID find the video of the actual Eurovision final performance by Dervish.

Where did it all go wrong? Checkkitout:


My heart goes out to Cathy Jordan, it really honestly sounds like her in-ear monitor was off. I mean, are the lads playing or is that pre-recorded? Maybe everything was just out of tune for her. She can sing in tune, as evidenced by their pre-recorded version. Maybe the evil that is Eurovision can rattle even a seasoned performer like Cathy.

I would comment on her outfit, but my costuming wife informs me it’s meant to be a stylistic recreation of the Shinrone Gown – the famous bog dress. Sooo . . . blogger keeps his fingers still.

I heard not a single member of the Irish group or RTE staff attended the Eurovision after party. Irish people not up for a drink? That must be the definition of despondent.

Poor bastards.