Ireland Travel TV Shows To Go


When you can’t actually be traveling to Ireland, the next best thing can be watching a travel TV program about Ireland. But instead of being stuck watching the show that’s on TV right now, why not take control and see only the shows you want to? With the new GlobeTrekkerChannel you can do just that. And what’s more, you can watch them on your own schedule, too.

There’s already more than 350 hours of top-notch travel programming available from the GlobeTrekkerChannel, with shows you know and love like Globe Trekker, Planet Food and Treks in a Wild World. Plus, there are interviews with some of the show’s presenters and world music downloads available. And there are destinations all over the world represented, so you can let your imagination wander far and wide! The process is simple, too – you download the programs you want to see to your computer, and then you’ve got seven days to watch them. Sounds like a great way to kill time on a long flight, doesn’t it?

All you need to do is register for the GlobeTrekkerChannel and you’ll get a free video every month with snippets showing some of the shows that are in the video library. You’ll also be notified when new shows are added. Once you’re registered, you can buy credits to download only the shows you want to watch, and start browsing the selection. To find out more visit GlobeTrekkerChannel and watch a free demo video. It’s easy to do, and it’s a great way to watch excellent travel programming just when you want!