Finally some sun in Athlone!

The Shannon Weir in Athlone is higher in July 2007 than for years previousIt’s about bloody time! Just look at that lovely, sunny blue sky there!

The funny thing is not the sunny blue sky, but what lies beneath it: the water level on Shannon Weir. You may recall last December when the water level rose over the weir (it later flooded the town, actually) and it’s currently very close to that level again – here in July!

Normally at this time of year the weir wall is well above water, dry and accessible – summer daredevils often walk out across it to the middle of the river. Well – not this year, says you!

According to recent news reports about flooding in England, Ireland’s geography is uniquely suited for moving moisture from atmosphere to sea with great rapidity. I suppose we’ll see if this sun keeps up how long it takes those water levels to drop.