Festivals in Dublin

festivals-in-dublin-copyEveryday in the city of Dublin, Ireland is like a festival. Indeed, festivals and Dublin have a close connection as Dublin brings a selection of festivals that include art, cultural and religious festivals together with fun fairs, book fairs, fashion festivals, film festivals and food festivals among others.

Bloomsday Festival

Bloomsdays is actually a holiday celebrated every year on June 16 to commemorate the life of an Irish writer James Joyce and honor the actions of his novel entitled Ulysses.

Nowadays, Bloomsday is observed by Joyceans from all over the world with performances, readings, dramatizations and a mass of many other events. In the city, aficionados put on Edwardian attire and assemble during the festival at many areas where incidents of Ulysses happened.

Darklight Festival

Darklight is said to be the country’s leading festival for animators, artists and filmmakers whose work discovers the junction of film, technology and art.

The techniques in digital filmmaking have turn out to be more and more universal. They have transformed contemporary filmmaking method and hugely contributed to the freedom of animation. With this, the Darklight has concentrated on the work that dares concepts, access, narratives, and processes of production, dialogue and visual aesthetic by means of these techniques on contemporary filmmaking.

The festival showcases work that drives these limitations and shows creative brilliance.

Dublin Fringe Festival

Dublin Fringe Festival is considered as one of the biggest fringe festivals on the entire planet. It has also become one of the premier festivals in Europe. In Ireland, it is the fastest increasing festivals to support successful artists. Dublin Fringe Festival is accessible to both Irish and global participants.

Started in 1995, the festival is now a 16-day event, held every year in September and is devoted to new and promising artists. The festival provides live entertainment and presentation opportunities in music, theater, dance, visual art and live art.

Dublin Fringe Festival is packed with brilliant and encouraging artists all in convergence to inspire passion, hilarity, insight, and stir up the audience into a fury, thus making the event a really memorable experience.

Dublin Theater Festival

Also known as the Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival, this festival is the oldest professional theater festival in Europe. It was established in 1957 by Brendan Smith who is a theater impresario. For more than five decades, Dublin Theater Festival has become an important part of the cultural landscape of Ireland.

The festival is special as it continues to host productions of most reputable artists of the world, as well as world famous theater companies.

Festival of World Cultures

The festival is a yearly international culture and arts festival honoring the variety of artistic customs from different parts of the world.

Festival of World Cultures centers on modern and increasing artistic method. The festival offers performance and events straightly to many who normally wish to be able to meet global arts practices and introduces new and other experiences to most people who will normally look for them.

In respond to the altering demographic of the country, the festival intends to improve artistic expression and incorporation for new communities of Ireland by giving a proposal for intercultural artistic exchange.