Creamy Cookie and Nelbert got married!!

nellbert and creamy cookie get marriedA huge felicitous congratulations to two very good friends of the aul logue who got married last night here in Athlone.

Let’s pause here and appreciate a fabulous photo there taken by wifey. As you can see, the Nelbert was surpassingly lovely and cookie, well, he was just so pretty too. *grin*

The Berts (Nell and Cook) conducted a dream wedding in tradional Irish style. Cookie hails from Texas nowadays and his family had flown out in force for the event. The festivities were held in pastoral settings, with the ceremony taking place in a little country church and the reception in a old stone castle on Portlick Bay.

Not only was their church host to a lovely and intimate candlelit ceremony but the priest’s homily gave the gathered attendees a bit of history lesson about the place; built during the height of the famine it boasts an ancient relic: St Manchan’s 8th century bones enshrined in an ornate, celtic hand-worked box of gold behind a bulletproof glass case and insured to the tune of €5 million.

The newlyweds missed the worst of the weather, arriving to fresh green lawns and statues on the grounds of the castle which was soon bathed in the golden light of the setting sun across the bay.

The festivities lasted well into the evening. It just goes to show: sure, what better place than Ireland for a wedding?

Congratulations, you kids!