Cheap Clothing Stores in Dublin

cheap-clothing-stores-in-dublinHaving a hard time looking for cheap clothing stores in Dublin? Well, that’s not a problem anymore! Continue reading and you’ll realize that Dublin has a lot in store for you.

Perk Up Vintage

Perk Up Vintage is a clothing store in Dublin that carries revamped and vintage clothing. It is actually one of the charity stores in Dublin so expect to purchase items here that are truly cost effective and are worth your money.

Wild Child Vintage Clothes

Most people are aware that second hand clothing stores are usually far and few in Dublin and Wild Child Vintage Clothes is considered perhaps the best of the few shops. The store is small yet organized, clean and well supplied. The shop has great selection of women’s and men’s clothes as well as accessories and shoes. They also have fun products such as wigs, jewelry and retro sunglasses.

St Vincent De Paul

St Vincent De Paul is one of the biggest charity and affordable stores in the city of Dublin. The knick-knacks department is bigger compared to many shops and there are rows of shoes. Their items are divided into cheap and very cheap. The cheap ones are on the counter while the very cheap in the dressing room. The store is truly a gold mine especially for individuals who are trying to survive on a low budget.

Cash Converters

Cash Converters is located at Thomas Street. It is a little busy shop which buys and sells second hand items. It is an ideal place to remember if you are looking forward to buy something or you simply want to sell personal merchandise. However, when going to this cute store, you have to bring an ID especially if you are planning to sell an item because it is part of their policy.


This is truly a store that is devoted to inventive and creative fashion. The store is about new age fashion that can be both perky and affordable exclusive of being a throwaway.

The store includes a wide alluring collection of vintages items, specially selected for their designer classics and signature designs. They also have revamped clothes, clothing and accessories which are produced from recycled products and also they have garments that have been independently made and are sweatshop free.

Compared to other cheap clothing stores in Dublin, Epoch might be small but the store represents much bigger projects. They are not only known as one of the cheap clothing stores available in Dublin but they also promote excellent designs in Ireland that are eco-friendly.

George’s Street Arcade

This is the perfect place if you are searching for some unusual gift alternatives. It is a shopping mall in Dublin for individuals who like to give gifts with a difference and at an affordable price.


If you are fascinated with retro and second hand clothing then this is definitely the store for you. You can choose the fashionable clothes for reasonable prices. They have excellent key pieces. It is truly a great store to browse in and you will surely find something that you will love.