Blogus Interuptus

swans fly over the river shannon in athloneYou know you’ve been blogging pretty regularly when close friends notice you’ve stopped for a few days and ring to see is everything all right.

It’s true that I’ve been blogging daily since last August and this has been my first interruption. Unfortunately, wifey took ill and had to be hospitalised for the duration of the week, throwing most every normal sort of thing up into the air. The good news is that she is feeling better and your faithful blogger is back in action. I even managed to get out to the Sunday session in Sean’s, which I’ll be blogging on Wednesday.

The other good news is that, despite the ongoing strike, the nursing staff at Portiuncula Hospital in Ballinasloe are still wonderful, wonderful people all.

I’ve been thinking about a good few things for ye here and, like the wild swans flying over the Shannon there (oh, beat them over the head with the metaphor) the posting is back off and flying . . .