Blogger interviewed – from digital to analog

jouranalist's penIn one of the more ironic turns of events, this online writer is going to be the subject of a printed media story. One of the journalists I’m acquainted with recently returned from the states and landed a job at The Westmeath Independent (a local Athlone paper). One of his first stories:

I met Adrian (I don’t think he’ll mind being named) after work yesterday and he proceeded to tell me that after being turned onto the logue by a mutual acquaintance he has been reading it with some regularity and has yet to suffer any of the usual adverse effects like blackout periods, hair loss or genital warts.

What inspired him to consider it as the subject of a news story is a mystery to me but hey, it’ll be something to clip and send to mom.

It was interesting to chat to someone local who has been reading the logue and discover that the foreign perspective on local life is of interest to folks; I never really considered that. When I’m writing most of these posts I imagine the person reading is overseas, probably stateside, in possession of a college education, about 5’10”, had a pretty good lunch today at that new mexican place, likes action movies and loathes modern art, still hasn’t thrown away that old leather jacket from college and never mentions that visit to Mexico. YOU know, that one time . . . we don’t talk about that time.

Anyway, aside from him, I assumed my San Franciscan perspective on Irish life would be more appealing to folks who might identify with such a perspective, not those in the amused periphery of the actual events that spawn these inane ramblings.

Who knew?